What is knowledge and how it is related to emotions?

When I was 14, I had a garden above the village where I spent hours, days, and nights. One day, in my high school, a professor brought me a book and started talking to me, in front of all my mates ” I`m not sure if you will specialize in growing flowers or veggies, but you will find this book useful” and gave me “no dog gardening” by Ruth Stout. That was one of the most embarrassing days of my life, I was very young and my reputation in the herd was important…. at the time. I read a book probably 15 times and started mulching with 100 bales of hay. To cut the long story short, I reduced 90% weeds the next season, reduced watering to once a week, and changed the structure of the soil within 4 years of mulching.
My dream was to build a small cabin at the end of the garden and live there deliberately of all issues down in the village. Not withdrawing from society, but to dose, it as when needed for my soul. The cabin was supposed to be supported on the wall/path on one side, and on 2 pine pillars on the other- as I didn`t want to destroy the meadow below. Inside a single bed, a small personal library, and a fire stove. Living with 2 dogs and 2 goats.
And then, life happened, chewed, molded, and spat me on the western shore of the UK. Even though I never got over legally losing that plot, the desire to create a micro world still burns inside.
When I moved to this house, the garden had a small shed and a lawn. And some crustaceans below a few pots. I immediately felt that this has to change, so have made a small allotment which wasn`t producing much, as the garden sits between 2 high fences and the woodland behind. Then, after a few years of fermenting and consolidating an idea, the cottage garden was born last year. I wanted less maintenance, specifically no mud and as much wildlife as possible. I bought loads of plants and seeds and started shaping it. This is only a second-year now, the garden is young, but I think the foundations are set properly, and now it is up to time to develop the jungle.
I have free access to the manure and 2 composting heaps where I put all the offcuts and kitchen waste, which I apply once a year on the top of the soil, and every time when I plant something- below the roots. The time passes, the garden grows, boosting the wildlife and my soul, especially early in the morning when I have a ritual walk through this miniature paradise.
This year, the glass roof is coming on the patio in front and more flowers, as of course, I don`t want to see a single piece of the soil:)!