Reclaimed wood art

WoodLives uses mostly reclaimed materials to create interior/exterior items for housewarming and design purposes. Materials have to be in a good condition,  free of insects, and have a character to enhance a final product.

My creations always come from deep within. The available materials have to align with the right mindset to enable those wooden boards and sheets to be transformed into products, full of character and life. When creating, I focus on composition, color, detail, overall appearance, purpose, depth, and many more aspects.

All products are strictly handmade and unique and have been shipped across the globe.

WoodLives creates feature walls, vases, bowls, coasters, coffee tables, desks, and shelves, but the most popular products are quirky hobbit birdhouses explained below in detail.

Hobbit birdhouses are the result of almost endless hours spent in Nature, below the Sun and stars, contemplating about art and life.  Making these quirky houses allows me to up-cycle the materials, consolidate my imagination, support the wildlife and make people happy.

Inspired by the beautiful British countryside that was shaped by glaciers in the past and humans in the present, I combine different reclaimed items (palettes, fences, old desks, wardrobes, branches from garden waste, driftwood materials etc) and natural materials to create the houses. Each is unique in the world and created with love and passion.

Houses are varnished with a good quality outdoor varnish and are made to last. Either the bottom or a side can be taken off, so the nest can be cleaned when needed. They can be hung on the wall, fence posts or trees, or left freestanding. Custom orders incorporating different styles, sizes and colors are also available.

WoodLives – for the sake of the soul @ copyright 2021

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