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I clearly remember the conversation held probably 30 years ago, with my grandfather- one of the most influential pillars of my life when he asked me what would I like to be when I grow up. The answer just flew out of me- an explorer! At the time, I have seen myself with a wide straw hat, magnifying glass, and a pastel-colored uniform, exploring distant rain forests and hidden treasures. My imagination was not too far away from what was yet to come.

Since the earliest age, I was lucky to be able to spend a lot of time outdoors, learning about Nature and trying to understand that process (!), for which today I think, it is way beyond our possibilities to understand and describe. During my slightly unusual childhood, I have learned a lot about entomology (insects) and organic gardening (mulching method). Those 500 square meters were producing enough food to feed my friends and visitors. The food was free, just as manure and seeds…
Around the age of 18, I suffered from asthma and strong allergies and was suppressed by modern medicine to do things I felt were right for me and develop myself further. I remember being pushed to literally snort the tablet’s powder which was causing strong pain in my lungs. One day I found a group of hikers online and announced to my family that I have finished with the medications and that I am starting to hike, not knowing that the new chapter of my life was about to begin. In the next ten years, I have finished numerous mountaineering qualifications (guiding courses, summer and winter alpinism, numerous First Aids, I was also a member of a Mountain Rescue Team here in Wales for one year) and gained great results in my local mountaineering club which gave me trust to start and manage the climbing department, which soon had more than 60 members. I was responsible for educating people, organizing trips to the local mountains and Alps and present/promote the club. I lived in that role for four years. In my mountaineering life, I have climbed more than 200 individual mountains and can easily count more than 900 trips to the mountains. The Committee has rewarded me a few times for my contribution to the club and the local mountaineering.

Within my Uni days, I have also organized 3 humanitarian events and collected money for homeless children and dogs. Within the club, I was also involved in regular events to educate and promote mountaineering and physical activities. Needless to say that I have 4 rescued animals.

As time passes by, one learns about life, relations, revelations. Within my main education- life education, I have learned to respect people and their dignity, potentially different views on life and actions. An individual and non-aggressive approach are what people value, so on many occasions, they called me a shaman, therapist, a good listener, and a forest spirit. Encouraged by all those warm and honest words, my experience, and the feedback that I received as a mountain guide, I decided to continue guiding and educating people by starting anti-stress walks, which are more needed now than ever before.

Thank you for reading this short summary of my 12 119 days (to date) in this body.

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