Anti stress walks

It is an indisputable fact that our world is too fast and stressful, forcing part of our civilization-brain to develop much faster than the natural pace of evolution can follow. We run daily to justify our position in the system and to make money for a living too easily forgetting who we really are and how fragile our personality actually is. The consequence can be a dis-balanced lifestyle and the development of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and unacceptable levels of stress.

I have developed these walks based on my experience gathered in both guiding and work, which always have been people-related. I have also been inspired by my intuitive ability to feel people`s emotions/needs, my life experiences, and the endless encouragement of all my friends.

The aim of the walks is simply to take you on a micro pilgrimage- to divert your focus to such simple things as the texture of the trees, the smell of the moss, the taste of the wild mint and the sound of the wild untamed wind, to evoke your senses, drop your stress/anxiety levels, remind yourself that we are still part of Nature, and learn some more facts about the natural world in and around us.

Anti-stress forest walks, as a part of Eco-therapy, are the cheapest and easiest way to feel relief immediately. We practice some elements of the Japanese technique “Shinrin Yoku” or Forest Bathing, but the biggest focus of the walks is what works the best for you. Make sure that you feel comfortable during the walk and please do let the guide know in advance if you have any conditions that they should be aware of.

These forest walks do not have an aim; the pace is slow, so people of any different levels of fitness can join. The focus is on our brain and emotions, how we feel, and what we get from Nature, not on how many miles we have walked. The walks are not a competition in any way, they are your micro pilgrimages designed to evoke positivity and constructive thinking.

At the beginning of the walk, we will meet with everybody in the group (up to eight people to retain the quality) and you will be given a small handmade diary to note down positive emotions you gather on the walk. The diary will stay with you, so you will always be able to remember the positivity you gained on the walk.

Nature comes in all sorts of weather and elements and beauty can be found in all of them. The walks will be organized in any weather conditions in which the safety of the group is not compromised.

Please refer to the “Basic Equipment” and “Safety in Nature” texts. It is suggested that you always bring a towel and spare clothes, which you can use if needed upon our return to the starting point.

I also provide one-to-one sessions which include herbal tea and relaxing in hammocks.

Being in Nature has many benefits such as:

  • significantly reduces stress levels and anxiety,
  • helps with depression,
  • boosts the immune system and memory,
  • burns calories,
  • ensures many muscles are employed through moving, passing obstacles, etc,
  • frees up your creativity (feel free to bring your notebook to write down ideas),
  • reduces high blood pressure,
  • reduces potential palpitations,
  • reflects well on your social life, if you walk with the group,
  • teaches you about resilience,
  • boosts happiness and positivity.

In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

Anti-stress walks will be organised once or twice per week in a nice and quiet locations. They will last approximately 2 hours, long enough not to make you tired and to feel the benefits. Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite.

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