Henry David Thoreau Life isn’t about finding yourself;
it’s about creating yourself.
So live the life you imagined.

Welcome to WoodLives, the business located in Cardiff, dedicated to making people happy and boosting the quality of everyday life.

WoodLives helps me to consolidate the biggest passions in life- art and people.

The story began back in 2017 when I decided to formalize my expressionism with reclaimed materials (mostly wood). Since then, I have created numerous different handmade and unique products that have been shipped across the globe.

Today, encouraged by the insufficient pace of life, the current emotional climate in the world, and the overall health of all of us, WoodLives also focuses on well being, slowing down, and focusing on important premises/thoughts that hold a potentially positive change.

I strongly believe that adding small but constant changes to our lives can make a big difference and reflect constructively on how we think, behave, and perceive life and the world around us.

WoodLives – for the sake of the soul @ copyright 2021

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