Basic equipment for forest walking

If you are a beginner, you don`t need to invest a lot of money to start spending more time in Nature. In general, more expensive equipment means more comfort, but this can be very thin ice and one might end up spending more money than needed. In my personal opinion, the most important item to start with is good walking shoes.

Shoes– There are many models and features available on the shelves today. If you are looking for shoes to walk through the forest, consider what is the climate like in your area. If it`s humid and rainy, my personal choice would be leather shoes that are easy to clean and re-waterproof. Simply apply a layer of specialized wax the day before the walk, and let the leather soak the product in. Each brand has it`s own mold, some are good for narrow and some for wider feet.

Socks- you can buy special wool socks without sewed connections. This depends on the budget. I personally always wear simple cotton socks, with an extra pair in my car.

Trousers– the best advice here is to buy something stretchable. On our walk, you can simply wear a cotton tracksuit or a pair of tights. If it`s cold, put an under layer too. You can also buy walking trousers, but be careful not to spend too much. Walking trousers should have pockets with zippers and a soft belt. You can also buy waterproof trousers, which you put over the first layer. This is just to keep you dry during a bad weather.

T-shirt– polyester is the best choice because it dries quickly. Plenty of choice on the shelves, buy something reasonable. Cotton is fine, but it dries slowly, in case if you sweat excessively, and can cold the temperature body down quickly.

Jacket– you can buy a thermal jacket to keep the temperature, or just a membrane against the wind, rain, and mud. Differentiate which one you need to buy, and always try the one before buying it. Remember, special materials such as Goretex or Isotex should be washed with special detergents only, to maintain the functions of the material.

Rucksack- for a forest walk, any is good. If you decide to buy the walking one, go to the store, find the size you need, and load it without something heavy. Pull the rucksack up with the shoulders, and fasten the bottom belt around your waist. The weight of the rucksack should sit on your hips, not your shoulders. Does it feel comfy? If yes, buy it.

Thermos– vacuum thermos bottles are the best as they keep the warmth of the drink for more than 24 hours. Before you pour the drink inside, put the boiling water in it to heat the material. Never tighten the lid too much, you won`t be able to open it. Once closed, flip it over to ensure that there are no leaks. An overfilled thermos can leak an excessive amount of liquid.

Walking poles– telescopic sticks are the best. They should have an adjustable strip for the hands. Put the hands through the strip from below, and support yourself by loading the strip. Do not grip the stick, you will make yourself tired quicker. The correct length of the poles is when your elbow is at 90 degrees.

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